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Should I date my Jr. High viceprincipal?

Dear Panel,

What do I do? I am 16 and I am very attracted to someone significantly older than I am.  And he treats me well, I've known him for ever, and well the only problem is he used to be the vice principal of my school and well he doesn't know that I am in love with him. Also, i recently went to visit him in another state and I wanted something to happen but nothing did.

My question: should I tell him I like him, considering the fact that I have liked him for over 4 years, or should I keep it to myself and forget about it? Help me please....

-- Ms M & M's


I have 2 words for you: "Amy Fisher:"


Drop this like a hot potato and run the other direction!

Watch "Wild Things" and back off.


Keep lool-king - this is not the guy for you.

For more perspective, read the question from a girl who went ahead and had the affair with the much older man

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