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Should I stay with my possibly gay boyfriend?

Dear Panel,

I have known my boyfriend since we were in Kindergarten together. (I am 16 by the way). He moved away when we were in 2nd grade. We were (LOL) boyfriend and girlfriend in 1ST AND 2ND grade.

We never spoke or saw each other until the 6th grade when I got his address and wrote to him; later we became "long distance" boyfriend and girlfriend. Even though we hadn't seen each other in person for a long time, the relationship got serious. I finally got to see him in the 10th grade. We hit it off when we saw each other . We saw each other again and we had a really good time and had serious convo. We made plans for me to come up and visit with him and his family, and I did this past weekend.

His Rainbow Swim Trunks Scare Me

He is sorta feminine. And it scared me the way he dressed that weekend. The swimming trunks he had on had a rainbow on them, and he worried about how he looked all the time. I kept tryin' to do physical stuff, but he kept puttin' it off. I mean he would kiss me and all but...

I mean is it that I am being paranoid or could he ! be gay? HE tells me he loves me, and when we talk about people being gay and stuff he says that is nasty, so...???

What is up and what should I do ?

Plus he just gave me a promise ring – so...?

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Female, age 16


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