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How do you follow drunken sex with friend?

Dear Panel,

The first time that I was with this guy was 4 years ago, and we have been "hot and cold" ever since.  He is a very, very good friend of mine and I truly don't know what I would do if I lost him.  It has been one of the bumpiest roller coster rides there is, but also one of the funnest! 

Most recently, I told him that I loved him in a very, very drunken state. He did not say anything back (but we were with each other that night).  Of course, feeling the "day after embarrasement", I wrote him a letter telling him that I didn't really mean it.  I don't know if I do or not! And of course haven't heard back from him.  I haven't been able to sleep in two weeks.  I already know that he has a very hard time with intimacy and that he also does not communicate very well when it comes to any relationship issues.

The best thing to do is probably run for the exit, but for some reason, I can not let go of him.  What do you think I should do??

-- Drunken Love

There's mungo problems here.


Figure out what you want, then tell him.

 The "L" word is scary to a guy.

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