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How do I get friend to love me?

Hope Answers:

Dear Sad,

If you are in love with her, but she does not share those feelings for you, it would probably be too hard to remain as close as you currently are.

It's Doubtful Love Will Develop

The more time you spend together, the more your feelings will grow, and the harder it will eventually be to see her move on to a romantic relationship. If after two years, she can not say that she loves you, it is doubtful that this love will develop in the future.

Lessen the Focus on This Friendship


He shouldn't abandon a good friendship.

If I were in your shoes, I would try to focus on developing some other friendships and lessening the focus on this one. You need to be honest with yourself and accept the fact that there is probably no future here.

Don't Hang in There


There may be a future – but it is waaayyy in the future.

Do not "hang in there" hoping that she will change her mind or that you will win her over. Find a way to put some emotional distance between you and her so that you can heal and restore the friendship to just "platonic" feelings. Find and pursue other things or people who can bring joy to your life.

But whatever you do, don't burn your bridges with her. Sometimes we don't realize a good thing until it's gone, and the distance you put in the friendship may be a wake up call for her to help her realize feelings that really are there, but that she has maybe ignored or misinterpreted. But at the same time, try not to get your hopes up. Protect your heart!

God Wants To Bless You with Companionship

As I have told many people at Love and Learn before, I truly believe that God loves each one of us and wants to bless us. He wants to give us companionship.


The only problem with being patient is that patience tends to run out with time.

Try to be patient and wait to see what He brings you. Don't settle for an unbalanced relationship in which your feelings are not reciprocated. Seek God and let Him unfold His plan for your life!



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