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Dear Panel,

I am in love with a woman who has been my friend for two years. Our relationship has been platonic and very caring and good. We enjoy being together. I have told her that I love her and she has said that she would like to reciprocate but that she cannot. Where do I go from here?


Sad  and Confused

Lefty Answers:

Dear Sad and Confused,

I'm always amazed when a friend finds his significant other and gets married.  How does he do it?  It's like BOTH people have to like each other enough in that special way to commit to each other.  Are they lucky or what?

There are

What is the other thing?

aliciaLtin.gif2 things you can never ask someone else for, and they are related. One of those things is to ask someone to like you more.

Where do you go from here?  I guess you can ask her to like you more.  Or you can devote your energies towards someone else who might reciprocate your feelings.

The more he stays - the more his feelings will groww.

aliciaLtin.gif I don't know if you should terminate what might be a good, supportive friendship.  If you can shift your feelings maybe that won't be necessary.  However it does look like you might want to move on.  Perhaps she will recognize that you are the special one when you do move on. Perhaps not.  Good luck.


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