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Chris said:

Dedicate yourself to:

  1. 1. helping those you care about, and

  2. 2. helping yourself

Jasmine (Jeannie) responds:

Yes, but he can help himself better by building some self-confidence!

A Paycheck Isn't the Ultimate

While I definitely believe that you don't have to have a boy/girlfriend to be happy, this young man definitely needs to build some self confidence and learn to be a well-rounded person. While having a 60K a year paycheck is nice, it certainly isn't the end-all, be-all either!

How To Be Happy

You cannot be happy simply by having someone in your life, and you cannot be happy simply by having money in your life. But you CAN be happy if you can build the self confidence that will allow either of those.

Nick, you are stuck in an endless circle -- no confidence because you don't have a girlfriend, no girlfriend because you don't have any confidence.

Fun To Be Single

The best way to get out of this: stop focusing on the fact that you don't have a girlfriend. That truly is okay and is nothing to be ashamed or upset about. In fact, it can actually be a lot of fun to be single! Start focusing on you -- find activities that you like, build yourself up in ways that make you feel good about who you are. Find something that you can look forward to being a part of -- whatever that is for you.

Like Who You Are

I will tell you that when you start believing in yourself and starting understanding that you have something worth while to share with others, then you will start attracting people. You have to LIKE who you are first, though -- and only you can change how you feel about yourself.

There are different types of people -- the ones who laugh and enjoy every minute of their lives are the ones you are drawn to -- those are the ones who have learned to accept and BE who they are, make no apologies for it and understand that someday, the right person will come along. And in the meantime, there is absolutely nothing wrong with just having FUN...

-- Jasmine


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