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Dear Panel,

My best friend has a boyfriend of a year, but the problem is that I like my friend more than as just a friend. I'm not sure if she knows this, but we always flirt and she always comes over whenever she is not with her boyfriend.

I have liked her for a couple of months, but I have kept my feelings to myself in hopes that they would go away and my problem would be solved. But that hasn't happened.

Just a couple of weeks ago she told me that her boyfriend doesn't like that we hang out, so we have tried to stay away from each other. That makes me mad because I love to be with her, even as just friends. Now, whenever we hang out I feel like I'm doing something wrong and I feel awkward when I see them together.

II want to know if I should tell her that I like her. And if I tell her, what will she do? I don't want to ruin our friendship, but I feel like I am not being a good friend by not telling her. I really like this girl. Please help me.

- Secretly in Love

Nothing to lose -- go ahead.

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