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How do I let him know that I'm not a bimbo?


Dear PIE,

What's Wrong with Being a Bimbo?

Mare I completely agree with you Alicia

What is wrong with being a bimbo wanting to get laid? If that is the category you now belong to for "giving it up", isn't he in the same category?  And maybe he's not calling because he's not the catch you thought he was.

Hope You're right, it is not a good idea for anyone.

This whole backward idea that sleeping around is okay for a man but wrong for women is ridiculous. 

And regrets? Who has time for regret?  Look, if this guy is such a great guy he'll come back around, but don't wait for him in desperation.  If it turns out that you putting out really did chase him away, remember the next time you meet a hottie in a bar that under no circumstances do you invite him over and give it up. 

Mr. Sensitive See what our survey said about meeting someone in a bar

And honestly, you're not some sorry cliché for hooking up at a bar.

If you knew how many letters we get from guys wanting to meet women for serious relationships and vice-versa, you would think even the bars would be full of nice people making positive connections.  But people go out, dress in clothes that they are not completely comfortable in, wear more makeup or cologne than anybody could possibly be comfortable in, and they talk like they are from some uptight Frasier episode.

 Don't let this one time get you down.  Some bars can actually provide the right atmosphere to make a good connection.  And though the odds aren't in your favor, if your judgment is, you'll come out okay.



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