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I am ..suzie and I have very little experience with guys. I am a freshman in college.

The main person in this story is Nate. He is a junior in college . He seems to be a good guy at heart but he loves to party with his friends.

Once upon a time...

Next time avoid Jello shots

on a Friday night I went out with a bunch of people to find some parties. My friend Shawn invited me and we went to Nate's dorm. Nate seemed pretty nice , he handed us all jello shots with vodka. Then we headed out for a fun night. Anyway our group separate and we all went to different parties. Then I got back to my dorm room and then Nate came back to his friends dorm room which is right next to mine.

Uh oh! When you told him not to tell his friends, you were telling him it was just random smooching.

Then Nate left his friend's dorm room for the night. Then Nate wandered into my room and we began talking then we began to make out. He was a little drunk but not too bad. We made out for a long time but he wouldn't pressure me to do it which was really nice. Then I told him not to tell his friends about what we did. And I found out that he really did keep it a secret and I thought that was really sweet.

Anyway a week passed by then he came up to our floor to hang out with his friends and the first time we kind of avoided each other and hung out in different rooms. Then his friend called him into our room cause I was in there and I got all shy but when I looked up he was looking at me and we made eye contact for a second then we looked away and that was pretty much it. Then a couple days later he came up to his friend's dorm and as he was standing in the hall we kept giving each other little stares back and forth then I gave him a little wave as he was passing by then a few minutes he passed by my room and we looked at each other and he nodded and whispered hey. Then a little bit later he walked over to my room and asked what me and my roommate were doing tonight and we said nothing. And Nate said "nothing on a Wednesday?" Then I was just like yep. I think he was just trying to make small talk . But that whole night I was so happy that I talked to him , because after you make out with a person they sometimes blow you off.

But anyway today He came up again and I saw him sitting in his friends room so I went to return a paper to my friend down the hall as an excuse so maybe he'll see me.Anyway as I opened my door I saw him put his head down so I wouldn't see him then as I walked back to my room I shut my door only halfway then I heard Nate to tell his friend to shut their door all the way. Why is he avoiding me ? I kind of like him but how do you think he feels about me? What should I do? I'm so confused about the mixed signals I'm getting. Please help.

Why is he avoiding me now ?


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