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Am I still a virgin?


Dear Scared,

You're Still a Virgin

I disagree, she is no longer a virgin if she has had a penis inside her vagina

I believe that if you didn't want to have sex and you were forced (even if he broke your hymen) then you are definitely still a virgin.

She better be honest about what happened.

When you give yourself to your lover (husband) completely, freely, and with love, then you will no longer be a virgin. Until then, you are. That's not a biological definition, just a statement of my moral position.

Good Job

Jody Kicking his ass did not go far enough.

Good job for kicking his ass! Your boyfriend should learn that no definitely means no!!!


Jassy She should do MORE than kick his ass to the curb. He went farther (A LOT FARTHER) then she wanted to. NO means NO – and he raped her! She needs to contact authorities and get him!




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