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DDear Panel,

There's a boy(T.) at school that likes me very much, and now I also like him very much. We call each other almost every day. But the problem is that T.'s got a lot of problems at home. That's why he don't always have time for me. T. says I have to be patient with him. But we still aren't a couple yet, and I'm getting a little tierd, I'm waiting  more than 2 months; T. says then that I have to wait for him.

He comes now almost not more to school because of all his problems at home. I know that he loves me very much, and I him. But yesterday we went on a trip with school and I spent the whole day with a boy(D.) from my year.

We've got a lot of fun, I realy had a great time!! In the bus, I was sitting next to him, and we fell a sleep, and I lay on him, he embrased me and laid his head against mine. Most people in school think that we are a couple now, because of what they saw in the bus. The problem is now that I am also falling in love with him. Now I don't know anymore who to chose. I don't date with none of them; from T. I'm very sure he loves me, and from D., I think so. But I love them BOTH!!! Who do I have to choose???!!!


Try to date before you become a couple.


Don't choose - - date both.


I'm not sure what you should do, but I know what you should NOT do.

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