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There's a boy(T.) at school that likes me very much, and now I also like him very much. We call each other almost every day. But the problem is that T.'s got a lot of problems at home. That's why he don't always have time for me. T. says I have to be patient with him. But we still aren't a couple yet, and I'm getting a little tierd, I'm waiting  more than 2 months; T. says then that I have to wait for him.

He comes now almost not more to school because of all his problems at home. I know that he loves me very much, and I him. But yesterday we went on a trip with school and I spent the whole day with a boy(D.) from my year.

We've got a lot of fun, I realy had a great time!! In the bus, I was sitting next to him, and we fell a sleep, and I lay on him, he embrased me and laid his head against mine. Most people in school think that we are a couple now, because of what they saw in the bus. The problem is now that I am also falling in love with him. Now I don't know anymore who to chose. I don't date with none of them; from T. I'm very sure he loves me, and from D., I think so. But I love them


BOTH!!! Who do I have to choose???!!!


Jody Answers:

Dear Ikke,

You don't have to choose either. At 16 you are several years away from needing to find a husband so you may want to just date several guys without committing to any one.

That's a bad idea.

aliciaLtin.gifI know there is a pressure in high school to have a boyfriend (at least in the US), but consider the advantages of being single. You can date both.


dating both isn't the right thing to do!

aliciaLtin.gif It sounds as if T is having a tough enough time managing his family life. He is right in his assertion that he should not date right now. Let him get himself together first. If he is "The One" it will work out.

Plus, if he is skipping school regularly, you are better off not getting involved. That is the type of behavior that quickly becomes contagious. It is way too easy to get caught up in the immediate satisfaction of not going to school and to lose sight of the long term benefits of education.

I know it won't mean much to you now but trust me, your education is more important than this guy, no matter how much you like him. As for D, if he asks you out, go for it. What do you have to lose. IF T acts jealous, assure him that you still like him but that you are going to date other people while he gets himself together.

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