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What do girls want for Valentine's Day?


What girls want for Valentine's Day?

The Clichés

I know I might be biased (being a woman and all) but it seems to me that women are pretty simple. Most women that I know are pretty cliché. Though we appreciate the unusual, unique and creative gift idea, most women would be very happy with any of the basics – jewelry, flowers, lingerie, chocolate.

I agree - it's the feeling it gives her that is important.

The fact is that women, as a whole, are suckers for romance. We want to feel loved. That is why surprises are so prized. They make us feel as if he has been thinking about and planning for her-the "I am important " feeling.

Doing Something Is Mandatory

Now for the practicalities. Guys, if you are involved in a romantic relationship, and you want to remain involved in a romantic relationship, you must do something for Valentine's Day.

It's Not Romantic If It's Dictated

Alicia You are right, even if she is saying that she doesn't want anything, she is lying.

Even if she says that she doesn't need anything. That means she wants YOU to think of something. It is not romantic if it is dictated.

The Gift(s) :

  • jewelry – anything from a small charm to a big rock is good. The point is, YOU picked it out.

  • flowers – try a single red rose or 2 dozen tulips
  • chocolate-be careful, this can be a mine field if she is on a diet

  • lingerie – another possible danger zone-if your relationship is not solidly sexual (i.e. marriage), this is probably not a good idea.

  • Reader Here is an example.
    the best gift – write a love letter. Tell her how much she means to you. List all the little things you love about her , the smell of her hair, the back of her neck, her cinnamon rolls. Great poetry is not important. True feelings are.

  • going out to a fancy restaurant, all dressed up

  • Reader That worked for me.
    a romantic evening at home – delicious meal that YOU cooked, nice wine, candles, soft music. If you do this right you may get the gift that you probably want.
And I'll tell you what guys really want.




  • By the way, for guys it's the opposite. If it can't be plugged in ... don't bother.
    general rule on gifts – if it needs to be plugged in, don't get it.

  • Do nothing momentous on Valentine's Day. Though it may seem romantic to propose on Valentine's Day, I know from experience that, if it doesn't work out, the memory of that day will be forever scarred. Likewise, don't break-up on Valentine's Day. You can deal with her for one more day.
    But it worked for me.



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