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Dear very Confused Damsel,

I think it's clear that she IS in his class now.

It is unclear by your letter whether you are currently enrolled in this man's class or he merely works at the university you attend. If you are currently in his class, do nothing until the class is over.

As to how to proceed, I would recommend making your interest known but letting him make the decision.

Even if there were no rules -- it's a bad idea.

There may be professional ramifications for him such as rules about not fraternizing with the students. In that case, whether to go around those guidelines must be his decision if he is going to assume that risk.

Showing your interest however, can be tricky. You can try recommending that he attend some topic related event ( a speech or museum showing related to his area of expertise) at which you are also attending. If he accepts and arranges to sit with you, he may be interested. However you still must act cool. Let him make the first move.

There is still a chance that he thinks of you only as a cute college kid and the embarrassment would be fatal if you threw yourself at him.

If he has an interest in you romantically, he will likely take the opportunity of seeing you away from campus and the watchful eyes of his colleagues to act upon it. If he does not, just admire from a distance. Good luck.

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