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Dear Panel,=

I'm a guy who's been married for almost eight years (quite happy!) But I'm in love with her younger sister ( she nice and pretty!) I'm sure she likes me too for the same reason ... but she has a boyfriend with whom she has a lot of troubles.... I'd like to give her a book titled: Men are from mars, women come from Venus but I'd really like to tell her about my feelings straight. My wife knows about my feelings for her. What am I supposed to do?!


Charlie Answers:

Dear Andy,

Let me get this straight: you are in love with your wife's sister because she is pretty and nice, and she likes you for the same reasons. You've told your wife about your feelings.

What was your wife's reaction to your declaration of love for her sister? What does it mean for your marriage that you are in love with your sister-in-law?

Seek Counseling With Your Wife.

I agree, but the couple doesn't need the counseling, HE"S THE ONE who needs the intensive counseling.

If I were you, I'd go to counseling with my wife. You seem to treat your feelings for both your wife and her sister pretty lightly. You need to find out what it is you really want, and then, maybe things will be clearer ... I hope!

Having Her Won't Be as Good as Your Secret Thoughts



Incidentally, as someone said, "sometimes you'll find that wanting something is far better than actually having it." I think this is particularly true for love in dangerous circumstances.

I agree, I've said in the past: we can trick ourselves into thinking the grass is greener on the other side.


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