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Dear Panel,

I am currently in a relationship with a women who is involved with Another man. She says she wants to leave him, he neglects her, and She wants to be with me, but she can't seem to leave him.

We broke off the relationship when it became apparent that she can't leave him, but I still want to be with her, and she wants to be with me. So now I am torn, I don't have any other prospects. So what do I do?


Lost Love

Gillian Answers:

Dear Lost Love,

Her Actions Don't Match Her Words

It's important to notice when someone's actions don't match up with their words. Not only is she telling you things that she isn't following through on, she is almost certainly misrepresenting herself to her current partner. Not a good situation!

I think you need to stop seeing this woman. Don't worry about not having any "prospects" -- likely, you've been so preoccupied with this woman that you really haven't been noticing anyone else.

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