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Does he like like? If not, what does it mean?

Dear Panel,

Last year, I met the guy I like on the last day of school (before winter break). After he returned from vacation with his dad, we talked for about four days, but then decided to be nothing more than friends.

We Were Not Going Out, But We Kissed

A couple of days later, we kissed, hugged, and held hands. However, we still weren't "going out."

He Went Out With My Friend

Later, I introduced him to my friend. After a few weeks, I found out that he had a crush on her and had gone out with her. I got jealous and wouldn't talk to him at all. I was just trying to forget about him, move on, and ignore him. Then, he broke up with my friend after they had only gone out less than a month. I always saw him talking to a bunch of girls. He would like a girl for a few days, then he'd move on to the next. For some reason, he is no longer doing that.

He Seems Interested In Me Again

Recently, he seems interested in me again. We stare at each other a lot, and smile at each other provocatively.

We Flirt, But Don't Talk To Each other

The confusing part is that we often do this without even saying a word to each other. Sometimes we don't smile, but sometimes we do.

What Could It All Mean?

Could it mean that he likes me? If he does, then why hasn't he taken some time to tell me and make a move on me? Could it be that he's saving the best for last after he graduates from high school this year? What could it mean?

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Forget him! He is playing the field



I agree with everything you guys said!


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