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Why do men like young teenage girls?


Dear Monica,

Here's my short list of reasons why men like young teenage girls:

  1. Men are basically sexual dogs.
  2. Our society worships teenagers in general and teenage girls in specific.
  3. Can you not recognize the perfection of the female form at its early blossoming development?
  4. Can you say nubile?

Why Do You Ask?

Really. I wonder what prompts such a question.

I would say his wife AND the police. It IS illegal.

Are you put off by the advances of an older man? Tell him to get away or you'll report him to the police or his wife!

If this is you, you might want to see the question from the woman whose boyfriend is infatuated with a young woman.

Are you an older woman feeling displaced by younger women? I totally agree, society's fascination with youthful beauty is depraved.

I Married an Older Woman

I married a woman 12 years older than me because I frankly don't buy it! But these days, maybe most days, the makers of movies, magazines, newspapers, and TV, focus on the young women. We are bombarded in print, on-air, and outdoor advertisements, and on the cover of most magazines with the hyper-sexualized teenage beauties.

What man wouldn't be captivated? So the allure is there.

That's certainly our hope, a real man wants an equal.

The heart, one hopes, longs for compatibility, worldly experience, intelligence, strength, and self confidence. Most of these things come with age. So, if the man you are referring to is still shunning his heart and concentrating his energies on other parts of his anatomy, find a different guy.





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