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Do men respect distant women more?

Dear Panel,

I have a problem when in a relationship. I never feel as if I can fully lay my cards on the table and am afraid to be honest about my feelings in case my partner feels as if there's no mystery any more.

This means I always seem to play games in my relationships, for example not ringing him until he rings me three times, and worrying that I'm coming on too strong when I do actually make a call.

I've been seeing someone for seven months and we are both in love and tell each other frequently. We were friends beforehand, but I am still not relaxed enough and worry about coming on too strong and am worried about keeping my distance.

As a result, he does most of the calling, and has complained about this a couple of times. When I do invite him over or call him at work, I feel immediately guilty afterwards and believe he thinks I'm coming on too strong.

Why am I so hyper sensitive, and do men respect distant women more?

– Aimee

Call him now and communicate.
You should be able to do what you feel
After 7 months, you shouldn't have to play games
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