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Dear King,

You're crazy!

What do you mean sappy?

You know what, my guess is that if you really didn't care, you wouldn't have inspired the ire of your mother, you wouldn't go on "profanity laced" tirades about love, and you wouldn't have written to this sappy website!

You Doth Protest Too Much

So King, what is it you really want? You get into arguments with people about something you are supposedly resolved about. If you were really not into relationships, you wouldn't care to get into those arguments. You say that you can "get sex when you really want to" but is that all there is? Do you really believe that?

You say you have problems with depression, anger, showing your feelings -- what are these about? What are your friendships like? How satisfied are you with other people in general?

I think, like the Grinch who stole Christmas, your heart is a few sizes too small. You've defined yourself as King Bitter, the non-lover, the self-contained man.

A Life Without Intimacy is Bad

There's nothing wrong with trying to get by in life without a significant other. But a life lacking intimacy will probably result in depression, anger, and earlier death. The statistics show it.

If money and career are really all that matters to you, then be satisfied, be happy with what you have, and tell everyone to shove off. Take comfort in your possessions and your solitude. That's a real course of action...but a lonely one.

Maybe You've Never Tried

On the other hand, if, like the Grinch, you just haven't discovered the joy of reaching out to others, then I suggest you give it a chance. Don't worry about romance, worry about connecting...really connecting to the people you care about. Relationships aren't about fake affection, or meaningless appointments, they're about real communicating. And nothing is more satisfying or rewarding.


I am not sure that that is such a good idea, he doesn't sound safe to me.

So, start communicating. Call a friend and really listen to them...find out how they REALLY are. If you don't care to do that, then you do have a problem, and you won't be satisfied until you learn a way to open up that heart of yours.

Good luck,





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