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Am I crazy for not wanting to be in a relationship?

Dear Panel,

I have what I guess can be considered a problem. You see, people around me consider me unbalanced, warped, or completely out of my mind.

The problem is that people, especially my mother, want me to at least pretend to be interested in a relationship.

The problem with that is, I'm not. I'm a 21 year old guy and figure I'm old enough to know what I want to do with my life. Outside of sex, I see no tangible benefit of a relationship and I can get sex if I really want it. Usually even the mention of the subject will launch me into a 10 minute profanity laced rant about what a waste of my time it is.

To me, a girlfriend is just something you have to write into your day planner to schedule the stuff you want to do around. Plus, all that cuddling and hand holding and acting cutsey makes me ill to the point where I have forbid it from happening in my presence.

I have big plans for my future and love, marriage, and a family are not part of it. My ultimate goal is to be fabulously wealthy no matter what.

I will freely admit I'm not a very warm person, I'm usually very cynical, I have a depression problem, and a very violent temper. I even stumble on giving compliments. I just don't like opening up to people it makes me feel weak and vulnerable. If I'm ever in a position where I am dependent on a person I will get out no matter what. Anything I do that is a reflection on how I think and feel is locked away from public view.

I want the people around me to know only what I let them know about me. Personally I see nothing wrong with living my life as I see fit but I've been called by others everything from sexist to insane to an "obnoxious self-centered jerk" (thanks Mom).

I don't think I have a problem, but obviously other people do.

Am I really nuts or are the people around me trying to rule my life?

King Bitter

Relationships aren't a COMPLETE waste of time.
You ARE crazy.
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