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Should I give him yet another chance?

A Guest Answers:

Dear Steve,

Despite the length of your story, I believe the best advice here is fairly short and succinct.

Stay Away

Knowing what I know, and speaking from a position of personal empathy as one who has been in a position similar to yours and Girl in a Glen's of missing and wanting to get back together with an ex, the quick-and-dirty prescription I have is: stay away from each other (for a while, at least)!

Sounds a mite harsh, I know, but I believe both of you need time and space to settle down emotionally, recover your balance and find a strong foothold in your individual lives before committing to a big relationship.

The good news is, if you two are truly meant for each other as you believe, I am convinced you will end up together in the end. I'm not just saying that, I believe in it personally.

Dating a Med Student is No Picnic

Just to touch on specifics, I can tell you that I dated a med student a few years ago, so I know what that's like, too. By no means impossible, but med school is stressful and adds a bit of work to any relationship. You and Girl in a Glen would have the added burden of long distance, which is a huge obstacle, as well as a load of baggage and history to deal with.

There is also, of course, the other man in her life right now, and she needs to figure out on her own who she should be with. She knows who you are and where to find you if that man is you. You both need some room to deal with things on your own before you get back together, if at all. I'm not saying you shouldn't or won't get back together, but even intense feelings of "we're meant for each other, I just know it" can be wrong. Again, I've been there.

Bottom line, don't be frustrated, but take your time. You're young, you have your whole life ahead of you, and you should have faith that you'll end up with the right woman.



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