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How do I prove that I've changed and can be trusted?


Dear "Not A Player",

Who says you're not a player?

Maybe You're Just Lonely

You dumped this guy who sounds great twice and now you say you've changed? Is that really true, or are you just in a period where you are feeling lonely and Mr. Loyal is still around?

Why IS Mr. Loyal still around? What kind of a person comes back after being dumped twice because of how he looks? Do you respect a person like that? Why do you suddenly no longer care about how he looks?

Find Someone New to Try it On

Listen, if you truly have changed, then give it a fresh start. Find someone who really turns you on, and be true to that guy. Don't do something out of guilt.

Alex I agree, she doesn't know what she wants.

You had your reasons for moving on from Mr. Loyal, that's okay. He will survive. You are clearly moved by his loyalty and friendship, but I'd be careful about saying you've really changed until you've proven it to yourself with someone who you don't have this history with.

I have been Mr. Loyal before and it's painful. The best thing you can do for him is leave him alone. Really. If you love him, let him go. You've got him on some kind of string and neither of you will likely have a healthy connection because of all of this yo-yo-ing around.

So bottom line:

if you've changed, prove it to yourself with a great guy you can be proud of and loyal to in return.





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