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Normal is Over Rated


You're wrong, most guys go for NORMAL girls.

First of all, being NORMAL is highly overrated. Everyone is different which calls for everyone having different kinds of normal. So you aren't alone in the problem...

My number one rule within relationships has always been to MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY FIRST !!!

I think it especially applies here.

Don't Try to Please the Other Person

From what you wrote, you always did whatever it took to please your man. That's why they left so quickly. You gave into their needs without remembering yours. So, eventually they took advantage of you and took you for granted. When they felt they got what they wanted, they looked elsewhere.

I hate to sound so harsh, but that's the way I see it.

Basically, what I suggest is to BE YOURSELF!!!

Sex Is Not Love

Most people associate sex and love as the same thing— big MISTAKE! Don't try so hard with this new guy. If this guy is really interested, then he will come to you. In a healthy relationship, things should unfold by themselves. Things will happen when they are supposed to - so sit back and relax.

As for your past, you can't change it. But you can change your future. The reason we make mistakes is so that we will know in the future if it was a right decision or not. You finally did seem to learn from your mistakes though - so that's definitely good! Most people never learn.

Anyway, you should never give someone your all — meaning mind, soul and body — if they aren't willing to give the same in return. The way you'll know is when you are giving to someone, ask yourself if you are giving this person your gift to make them happy or if you REALLY WANT TO.

When it is real love — you do things because you want to and not because you don't want someone to leave you.

Always think of yourself first. Don't try and please someone if you yourself aren't happy. And most importantly, when you find the right guy that will appreciate all your gifts, then you will also receive many in return.

Hoped I helped girlfriend!

-- Mel

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