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Dear Eitherwayimdoingit,

Because she is immature.

One question - why are you so eager to loose your virginity?!?

I know this sounds kinda taboo but - you never even mentioned love in your dilemma. No matter how old you are or how many times you've had sex, you should only sleep with someone whom you are IN LOVE with.

Most people don't, but that's another story.

Virginity is Sacred

I think that you are just trying to loose your virginity and conveniently you have two men to choose from. However, your virginity is a sacred thing and when giving it away to someone you should make 100% sure that he is the one.

You have one guy that is away more than half the time and the other doesn't even seem to be interested in you unless he wants to fool around. Why would you even want to loose it to any of the two?!?

Sex is Not Just Physical

Right now, you think that sex is merely a physical act. That's why you are so eager to have sex with Steve. But it's not. I will guarantee that if you do choose to sleep with any of these men, you will suddenly be emotionally attached. Because he is your first. And as the saying goes - you never forget your first.

Now, would you want your first time with someone who will leave the next day or someone who has a girlfriend and isn't interested in having a relationship?!? Right now, you aren't very worried...but I wouldn't want you to regret something in the future because of something you did in the past.


In my opinion, I would not even have sex with either of the men. Wait until you find someone that you would not even have any doubts about. If one of the guys was the one that you were supposed to have sex with, then wouldn't you be 100% sure which one was supposed to be THE ONE?!?

-- Mel

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