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Why does porn hurt me so much?

I am .. a princess starting a relationship after being single for a few years. I have been looking for my soulmate. Having been a hurt princess I am very picky.

A man called Patrick who talks to me and treats me like a princess but continues to keep porno under bed even when she told him it hurts her. If she had known when she met him he would not have been given a chance. But now I'm too involved. We get on so well.

But Brian the big bad ex, treated the princess badly and preferred porno magazines to her. But she did not tell him she had been abused.

Once upon a time... in a country far away a princess dreamed of traveling to find her love. Her life was full and she was happy but her dreams told her to go so she did.

Reader Jos You're obviously insecure because you have a hard time speaking about yurself in the first person.

She traveled a long way and traveled for many years before she meet a man who she enjoyed talking with and walking with. Unfortunately, the princess had been hurt in her childhood by a bad man, but it only seemed to affect her life in the fact that she could not handle porn in her life it made her very unhappy and insecure. When she told this to the man he told her that it was her problem.

After much discussion he has agreed that he would get rid of it. The princess is now scared that he might change his mind later as he believes that it is her hang up and there is nothing wrong with it. The princess believes on so many levels that there is and will not ( can not) live with it. She does not think that he believes her.

Why does porn hurt me so much?

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