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Dear Confused,

"I'm confused, too!"

What's holding you two together?

I'll tell you what's holding them together: Her husband sounds like a good partner.

You don't sleep in the same bed, you are having an affair, you have financial problems, you never mention any real love for your husband...excuse me, but you've already made up your mind.

Move Out

Yes, I think you should move out. Yes, I think you should stop dating a married guy, unless you're not serious about him at all. Yes, I think your marriage is over.

Sorry for being so blunt, but rarely do we get a question that appears so black and white to me.

All That's Left Is Packing Her Bags

I bet that he is also having an affair.

I wonder how your husband would describe the relationship. Do you want to know? I'm convinced from your letter, that all that's left to do is pack your that too harsh?





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