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How do I become fun again?


Mo said:

Perhaps if you go do some of those things (listen, give advice, be a friend), you won't have time to sit around and dwell on whether or not you're inadequate and boring.

Jeannie Responds:

I agree that she should find some activities to fill her life and FULFILL her heart, however, I do think she should be looking a little deeper into this question.

Virginity IS a Problem – For THEM

Being a virgin? You brought it up, you obviously are wondering if that is a part of the problem? Honestly, in today's society, it probably is; however, it isn't YOUR problem. It's theirs.

You are, for whatever reason, drawing men to you who aren't good for you, and who possibly don't want to be in a relationship with a woman who isn't sexually active. You are finding the wrong kind of men for what you want.

You Aren't Boring

You aren't boring, you aren't dull; however, you are feeling inadequate and that is something that no one else can provide for you. Before even concentrating on the "guy factor", you need to turn inward, concentrate on yourself – what do you like about YOU – what don't you like.

Fix Yourself

Fix yourself, sweetheart, because no one else can make you happy, or make you feel important. You have to do that for yourself. Start looking inward, fix the things you don't like, and remember to always remind yourself of the good in you – remind yourself that you are fun, you are a great person.

Only when you start believing that you have a lot to offer to yourself and to others in the world, will you find the men who want what you offer. Good luck!



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