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Dear Confused and Frustrated,

Ooohh ... that is definitely a tough one. Especially since he is your husband. Well, why don't we deal with it step by step for a second?

Your husband wanted to pick out a ring that you would like?!? Let's face it - Men and women have totally different styles. It's like a man trying to buy a woman an outfit with total style and fashion.

Not Gonna Happen!!!

The "Salesperson Did It" Excuse

Think about it this way - let's say you bought your hubbie a sweater -- one that you spent a lot of money, time and energy to purchase and your husband says that he isn't satisfied with your gift. You would be pretty hurt.

If he is anything like me, my pride would be wounded and I'd make a lame excuse about a salesperson changing the ring style.

He Wouldn't Purposely Select A Ring You Despise

But she showed him what she wanted. He owes her the right ring.

Every woman knows that their wedding and everything about it is something they fantasize about for their entire lives. And you have every right to expect nothing but the very best! But you do also have to respect your husband's feelings. I doubt that he purposely picked out a ring that he thought you would despise.

CALMLY State Your Preference

She already told him how she feels. She should just tell him that's she's buying a new one.

But since you are unhappy, just let him know how you feel once more, without saying how much you dislike the ring. Calmly state that you think you would feel more comfortable with a different style.

Is A Ring Worth The Cost Of Your Marriage?

If he still doesn't budge than you have to figure out if your marriage is worth fighting over a ring. Which in fact is a symbol of your love for each other. Which means if you can't love someone for who they are than you really don't love them -- get where I am going?!?

My Boyfriend's Unsatisfactory Gifts

My boyfriend has bought me dozens of things that I too resented but when I saw the care and effort he put into choosing those items I thought about that saying, " It's the thought that counts."

Hope I've helped,

-- Mel

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