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Dear Feeling Like Meat,

All Men Are Like This

I don't think ALL men are like that.

You're probably not going to like my answer, but, I think all men are like this. I can explain why, I think.

Men Are More Physical Than Emotional

Most men express their feelings physically. It's much harder for us to talk about what we are really feeling deep down.


It's nature that makes us that way.

This might be because of the way we are raised, the expectation that men be strong and not feel too much. I also think, though, that it's because men are different -- we sometimes have to feel it physically before we can feel it emotionally.

We Are Dogs -- But We Can Be Trained

Now, that doesn't mean that you have to date dogs who just want to sleep with you. Just because a man usually wants to be physical before letting himself really fall in love doesn't mean that he HAS to. It also doesn't mean that he is incapable of really loving you.

My guess is that you are enjoying the aggressive attention of the more dog-like men out there, and not paying attention to the guys who might be a bit more complicated.

Be Choosy

In the mating dance, I think that it's the woman who chooses the type she really wants. Most men are eager to please and eager to be pleasured (if you know what I mean). The trick for the woman is being more patient and more choosy.

Good luck,

- Charlie




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