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How do I stop him from leaving his wife for me?


Dear Miss D,

Emotional Affairs Are Dangerous

No one said that being friends with a married man was a sin -- but in your case it is. You may not have done anything physical but in my opinion, an emotional affair can be just as dangerous -- if not more, than a physical one.

This Is Single Life?

You said that you enjoy the single life, than why are you getting involved with someone who isn't? You may be both having fun intellectually, but you have already been engaged in intimate moments, which eventually will lead to the -- um, shall we say -- HOMERUN?!?

What do you mean not her fault? She's breaking up his marriage!

Let's face it -- his marital problems may not be your fault, but your relationship is causing him to wonder what else is out there. And since he is having personal problems, it's best that you leave him alone.

None of Your Concern

What his wife isn't giving him is really none of your concern. He needs to figure out what he wants. You do not need to get involved in his problems right now. Especially since you feel that he is taking things a bit too seriously.

Teasing Him

To be honest, I really do not think it is a good idea to continue this relationship. What you are giving him is basically a tease because he thinks that if he were with you everything would be a fun challenge -- and I am not saying that it won't be, but you aren't ready for something serious. And I always say that when in doubt -- go with your gut. You feel something wrong -- and your gut's always right.

Look Out for Yourself: Say "Bye-bye"

He may be a great friend but you got to look out for yourself. You don't like where this relationship is headed so you have to fix it before it becomes too late.

Jeannie She did! She met someone who she believed was unavailable, which sounds like exactly what she wanted...that's the problem!

And the only way I see fit is to say "Bye-bye" -- and hopefully you'll meet someone who can you give you everything you've always wanted.

Hope I've helped,

-- Mel

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