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How do I get him to want me more?



Dear Lil Bit,

The perspectives on your problem will vary depending on the age of the person answering. I'm 35, a long way from high school, so here goes:

What More Do You Want?

Patra That's already too much. She should cut the touchy-feely stuff for now.

Every time you two talk, you are connecting. So relax. He's interested, he holds your hand every day...what more are you looking for?

The guy has a girlfriend. Would you want your boyfriend coming on to every girl who was interested in him?

Don't Try Harder

But, he sounds very interested. I'm not sure you should try harder...on the contrary, that will probably turn him off. So hang in never know, right?

I Was the Flirt Master

On flirting: I was a very effective flirter in high school. I considered it one of my strongest subjects! The best way to flirt is to pay attention to what the person is saying. Physical contact doesn't hurt either. I was a great back rubber and hugger in high school. I had them eating out of the palm of my hand.

But listening, that worked best. What high school kid doesn't want to talk about themselves? What person doesn't for that matter?





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