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Has anyone turned rejection into a relationship?

Dear Panel,

I have recently been told by someone I am getting to know the old "I just want to be friends" line. Regrettably, this is an experience I have had in my life on many occasions (I've lost count actually).

I don't particularly want to dwell on the whole "Is there something wrong with me" question. That could take up a whole lot of questions. I am, however interested in the answer to this one:

Has anyone ever had success in turning something like this around and getting involved with someone after this kind of statement, or is it an unattainable goal like the Seinfeld "Switch"?

– Looking for Statistics
Male, age 32, Canada

It depends on when she said it to you.

If she said it when you first asked her out:


If she said it when you're already friends:


If she said it after several dates:


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