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Has anyone turned rejection into a relationship?

Mensch Answers:

Dear Looking for Stats,

Short answers: Yes, and yes.

There's a Chance

That is, yes, you sometimes have a chance even after the "I just want to be friends" line is uttered, and yes, there is a chance to turn rejection into acceptance.

Good Friends Make Successful Couples

The happiest, most successful couples, of course, are good friends, so who better to get together than people who "want" to be friends.

Charlie It depends on the context. If she says it AFTER a romantic date, that's BAD.

I went out for a bit with a friend with whom I'd had that talk, so it is possible, but as with many (most?) cases, it depends on the individuals. You have to make the judgment, and talk about it with her. You have to determine that you're both interested (even if only in potential), then think about the pros and cons, advantages and pitfalls of hooking up.

Be Open and Honest

If you think the friendship can withstand whatever happens, and the potential benefits are worth it, go for it! All of this relates to turning rejection into acceptance, too – talking about it openly and expressing your feelings honestly can go a long way.

Good luck,


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