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Should I wait for him to ask me out?


Dear Love,

Asking Is Hard

Speaking as a guy, I never wanted to be the one who asked. It was so hard, putting yourself out there, worrying about being rejected or laughed at.

Valetta No way – he's not good enough for her.

Just Be Friends

I think at your age that friendship first should be the rule. In other words, keep calling him and being his friend.

Wrong! People will think that she's pathetic.

You can ask him out – as a friend, first – and it won't be seen by everyone as a "date." You could even ask him out with your friends.

Whanking Means He's Interested

Shane Wrong! Whanking is not good.

If the "whanking" comment is true, it sounds like he really is interested in you. So, I think that just be being together that the chemistry can happen.

Good luck,




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