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Should I wait for him to ask me out?


Dear Love Is Danger,

Oh, the age old question: should a female wait for a guy?

Sounds just like a predicament I am in myself. My ex boyfriend that I am still crazy over, has told me that he's interested. But now is not a good time and I should wait. But for how long?

But enough about me. Let's concentrate on you.

Shane You're right. His friends could be lying.

Don't Go on Hearsay

For starters, let me just say I am against hearsay, so when Sexy's friend says that he likes you, I would take it with a grain of salt until you and Sexy are going out.

Don't Concern Yourself Over His "Wanking"

Charlie It means that he's interested.

Also about him "wanking" over you? Don't even concern yourself over that...

Don't Be His Backup Chick

As for waiting, I would say don't bother waiting around for him to decide "OK, now's a good time to go out with Love." By doing that you're only being his backup chick – he'll call you when no one else is around.

Date Others

He's actively dating right now, which is how he ended up with the psycho ex in the first place. I say you do the same. You're much too young to sit around waiting for him to decide your future. Go out and make your own destiny – don't let the guy run your life! And when he sees you dating other guys, he'll realize what he's missing out on. And if he doesn't come running then, then he just isn't worth it.

People May Think You're Pathetic

Should you wait? No. What will people think? Well, if you wait, then people might think you are pathetic (ouch – painful but I know that's what my friends and I would think). If you don't wait? Well, people might think that you don't really like him and that you are going on with your life. Make it clear that you do want to be with him but you can't wait forever.

Talk to HIM about it – not to the world, or even to his friends. If you cannot be straight with him, then he's not worth going after.

WARNING INCONSISTENCY ALERT! You said that she shouldn't wait because of what others may think. But now you say "Who cares what other people think."

And you know what? WHO CARES WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK?!?!?! As long as you are happy and you're not hurting anyone then go on with your bad self!

At least that's what I would do! Good luck in whatever you decide!!



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