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Should I wait for him to ask me out?

A Guest Answers:

Dear Love Is Danger,

Valetta I agree. He is not good enough for her.

He's an Asshole

I would say he is not worth it. He sounds like an asshole that uses a lot of girls and doesn't respect them.

Wanking Is Not Good

Charlie I disagree. Wanking means he's interested.

Also, wanking over a girl is not good because I couldn't wank over a girl I actually liked.

His Friend Could Be Lying

You're right. She shouldn't go on hearsay.

And asking his friend isn't going to get you anywhere; you have to find out for yourself – for all you know his friend is pulling it out of his ass.

But you might be waiting for a long time and he went out with a psycho and that could have changed him. But I would say don't wait – find a better guy.



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