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Should I wait for him to ask me out?

A Guest Answers:


Don't Suffer Because of Some Nutty Bitch

Mar It's wrong to call her psycho.

Honestly honey, I know you like this guy a lot, but if he really liked you he would not care what some psycho thinks. This kid needs to get his priorities straight. Yes, he dated a psycho, but why should you have to suffer because some nutty bitch tried to kill herself?

Shane I agree – he's an asshole.

My advice: dump Mr. Sexy and move on!

He's Not Good Enough for You

She doesn't have to dump him, but she SHOULD date others.

He is not good enough for you! Tell him that you have waited long enough and that you want a commitment NOW. It may sound like you are being selfish, but you're not, because his ex is selfish, trying to trap him by intimidating him with suicide.

Dump the dudly stud, sweetheart!



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