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How can you tell if someone likes you?

Dear Panel,

I never had a boyfriend before. I am not embarrased by that. I get a lot of comments that i'm cute, pretty, etc. They are surprised when they hear the fact that I never had a boyfriend before.

But the thing is that when someone wants to get to know me, obviously they come up to me and start flirting with me – and there are some guys who just do it for fun. (I know a lot of people who do that for fun.)

But sometimes I can't get to the point of a relationship starting because I always pass this phase of mind games, and I seriously can't tell anymore if he likes me or he's just being flirty himself.

So I'd like to know the answer to how can you tell if someone likes you – I mean really likes you.

-- Confused About Mindgames

Female, age 17, North America, California, San Jose


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