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How do I deal with a failed ultimatum?


Dear Lovestruck,

First of all if you are living together regardless of sharing the same room you are completely going against the Faith. That is beside the point.

Once A Cheat, Always A Cheat

The first year he was chatting on line with other girls and going on dates. I don't know, but once a cheater always a cheater. Woman will have children and men will cheat. That is if they have a history of it. So lets be a little careful with this guy.

He's a Pervert

Brad & Heather

You're too judgemental. Chatting isn't always flirting.

It seems like he is a little freak on his computer. He probably is a little bit of a pervert. Be careful. The truth is, if you gave him a few hours to chat online by himself and you watched without him knowing, you would probably get sick to your stomach.

He was testing the waters? That is a crock of shit, I can tell you that much. He was cheating his internet fetish ass off.

Get Rid Of Him


That's harsh. Maybe she should just postpone the wedding.

He probably is getting married because he is getting old but will continue to be a freak. I say get rid of him. I know I don't have enough information buts something about this bothers me. I think that he is up to no good. You have a reason to be paranoid. Tell him to test the waters out in the middle of the Atlantic.

Tell Him It Bugs You

Tell him that it really bothers you when he chats and/or flirts with other women. See how easy he can stop! If he can't do that for you then he won't do much more as a husband and your life will be miserable.

Good luck. Let us know how everything goes!




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