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Is this a real relationship?


Dear Confused,

Sounds Like A Normal Guy


Sad but true, he just wants ACTION!

He sounds like a normal guy. Which unfortunately means all he wants are the physical acts of love.

You Haven't Told Him To Stop

But you know that any physical play is always a two way street. Not to say that you are begging for it, but if he continues to do what he's doing and you aren't rejecting him, than he will think that you're okay with it.

Guys Aren't Mind Readers


Yes, she needs to talk to him.

Guys aren't mind readers. They need answers straight up! So if you don't like him always trying to score with you - Tell him. And don't be scared. It's your right. And if you lose him because of this, than you know for sure what he really wanted.

If he really cares for you the way you say, than he will be understanding. Talking about marriage and your future is great, but if he isn't showing it than he's probably just saying it so you'll think he's sensitive.

Go By His Actions

So don't get blind sided by his talks. Actions always speak louder than words. He's got to walk the talk.

Hope I've Helped,



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