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Dear Frustrated,

I didn't hear one single idea about a proper course of action for you, only the proper course of action for your girlfriend.

This Isn't Your Decision

Guess what - it isn't your decision. Sorry. Get over it.

You Have Three Options

Think about what you can do.

  1. Not be bothered.
  2. Be bothered but realize your girlfriend is her own person with her own decisions to make.
  3. Be bothered and be a bossy, domineering boyfriend who demands a "courses of action" from his girlfriend.

A fourth option, let her go.

Hmmm. Which option makes you the most attractive in your "very stable" (sarcasm here) relationship of one month?

You Are One To Talk

Not to belabor the point, but I hardly see how you are one to talk since you pined after this girl for the nearly half the time you were dating your ex.




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