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He won't talk about marriage?


Dear Hopelessly In Love,

You asked the question that women have been asking forever. And unfortunately, your boyfriend is the majority of men who fear the dreaded "M" word.

Why Rush Into Marriage?

I realize that the two of you have been dating for a long time now. But why the rush for marriage? If the two of you have a great relationship why change it now? Why not wait until both of you have settled in your life? Like until you find a great job after graduation.

He Isn't Ready

I think your boyfriend is avoiding the subject because he isn't ready. If he was, he would have asked by now.

Don't you think you would want to marry a man that is ready and that isn't being "persuaded"? (I only use that term because he hasn't mentioned it yet).

You know that he is the one, but he doesn't. And he does have the right to know for sure if you're the one also.

At least he's being honest. I would hate for the two of you to rush into marriage and have to get divorced because you realize that you are not compatible.

Find Out What He's Thinking

What I suggest is to just have the conversation. Tell him straight off the bat that he can't avoid it anymore, it has to be discussed.

Tell him simply that you want to know if this situation is leading to something more, or not.

You Deserve To Know If He'll Propose

If he isn't on the same path as you, you deserve to know now, so that you don't waste the rest of your life waiting for someone that may never propose.

Mr. Sensitive

CAUTION! Read my thoughts on Ultimatums before proceeding.

Unfortunately for most guys that avoid marriage, an ultimatum is the only way to find out.



Yep. If she stays, she'll just end up resenting him.

If it turns out that he does not want to get married, let him go. Don't waste your time.


Eventually he may come to his senses, but than he has to figure that on his own.

Hope I've Helped,



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