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You think you know almost everything there is to know about your significant other, and then POOF – a doozy smacks ya in the face and makes you wish you didn't see reality.

Well, after being with my boyfriend for nine months I realized that I was not happy being with him. Don't get me wrong I love the boy to death but at 19, I'm just not ready for wedding bells quite yet as he saw.

As some of you know, I completely believe in the phrase "communication is key" and yet somehow the communication broke down and led me to single land once again. So what was next? I did what any desperate girl would do: REBOUND!

After that week of fun, we went our separate ways (only to have him keep callin'! grrrr) So now I'm back in the singles' pool and I'm ready to do a few laps. I missed the good ole days of tryin' to find that guy that was nice on the eyes and sparked my convo meter to an all time high.

From all this I learned no matter how much advice I give, when the problem is happening to you it's hard to see it. I gave advice on why you should leave your man and yet I didn't! I thought about writing into Love & Learn until I figured I would get my own question – so I did the next best thing and solved my problem – now I'm back and a little bit wiser from it all – but just remember: it's only my opinion!! And hey – you asked for it =)

Be good! =)




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