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 Who is Mr. Right?
 Does He Love Me?


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Hi! My name is Hope. I am an instructional designer for a consulting company.  I spend most of my professional life designing educational software and thinking of new ways to train people using technology. So I hope that means I have at least a little creativity... I just turned 30, and I have been very happily married for 1 year, 5 months, and 21 days as of today, but who's counting??

I'm a Conservative Born Again Christian

I am probably a whole lot different than the other panelists at Love & Learn. I am a conservative born again Christian, and tend to approach questions about love, relationships, and well, just about everything from the standard of the Truth, which is the Word of God. I figure, if God invented marriage, love, and yes, most definitely sex, then He knows better than anyone else how it is to be handled.

God Has All the Answers

 As the host said, not one of us has all of the answers, and some of us may have none of the answers, but God has all of the answers because He created us. So why not go to the source to get the truth, rather than wasting time finding out what other people think? How do you know if they are right? Who can you trust? 

One of my main motivations for being a panelist is to put all of my many years of dating woes to use, so that you can all learn from my mistakes, and so that it won't be a total waste. Prior to marrying my husband, which was by the way, the best relationship choice I ever made, I was a "Professional single." I just about perfected the art of wanting to get married, getting into bad relationships, and always dating the same type of guy who incidentally would end up being a jerk. I have seen it all! My life pretty much revolved around trying to find "Mr. Right" and wanting to belong to someone. I was trying to fulfill that need to be loved and accepted by a man, and it just never worked.

Even now that I have a great husband, I realize that even he can't fulfill all of my needs. Then I met the perfect Man, the one who will never let me down. When Jesus Christ came into my life, He gave me contentment, peace, and love.

If there is anyone out there who is struggling with trying to find acceptance and security in a relationship, I would love to help if I can, because I think I have found the answer!




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