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How do I know if he is "Mr. Right?"

No one is perfect, so how do you know if your boyfriend or girlfriend's faults are going to be tolerable for the long term? Well, you have to enter into marriage assuming that those things will never change, and might potentially get worse. (It seems like everything is exaggerated after you're married!)

One of the most important qualities to look for is that your boyfriend or girlfriend is willing to accept constructive criticism. My husband is truly seeking a closer personal relationship with Christ and is allowing the Lord to mold him and shape his character to become a more Godly man. That gave me the assurance to know that he would allow God to point out the areas that needed "fine tuning" and that he was open to change. If he is allowing God to change him slowly over time, I don't have to worry about taking on that job. Less nagging, better husband. Well, that's how it worked for me anyway.

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