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I am honored to participate.

Basically, I will be 50 in about 3 weeks, and have had life experiences of a many and wide variety.

I have been married and divorced, lost both parents and both sets of grandparents.

I survived alcohol addiction and have now been sober over 17 years.

Been through bankruptcy.

Became a single father as a result of divorce and successfully raised that child (he will be 20 on his next birthday).

Lost a long term job and moved on.

Came to terms with who and what I am, and came out the other side whole. In the process found a God as he understands me.

As a result of all this, I have remarried and now am in a relationship of over 5 years and growing stronger every day, a relationship based on love, mutual respect and understanding of each other.

Moved to Arizona 6 years ago, bought a house and have resumed my career and grown up mentally and spiritually.





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