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I'm a New Lawyer

I'm a 26-year-old attorney from Chicago. I am currently single. I have found that the life of a new lawyer doesn't allow for a lot of socializing. But I'm currently out there, braving the rough seas of singles-hood.

My First Love

While I've dated and been in a lot of different relationships, I've been in one relationship where I can truly say I was in love. I was 24, and (perhaps foolishly, in retrospect) dating a 20-year-old girl. I learned both the heights to which love can make you soar, and the depths into which love can plunge you. Although it took some time and distance for me to see it myself, she was a rather chaotic person. I broke up with her upon catching her in the act of cheating on me.

I have learned, however, a lot about what to look out for and what to avoid in relationships. I'm a devoted fan of Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew of the "LoveLine" radio show.

I don't know when I'll find the right one for me, but I'm sure I'll find her some day.

Treating Others the Way I Want To Be Treated

I'm a very pragmatic person. I still believe in chivalry and politeness; I'll open doors for women and pick up the check on dates. I believe that I should treat people how I would want them to treat me.

The Reality Factor

One of the most valuable lessons I've learned in my life is that people's actions tell you a great deal more about them than their words do.

This is especially true in new relationships, when people often try to avoid hurting someone's feelings at the expense of saying what they really mean.

Keep It Fresh and New

I can't stress the importance of communication in a relationship enough. Too often, people expect their mates to be mind-readers. That just doesn't work. Additionally, each person in a relationship should invest their energy in the relationship to keep it from getting stale. Make the effort to keep things fresh and new; never stop wooing your significant other.




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