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My name is Alex and I am 18 years old. I have been giving a advice to people on an arrange of topics ever since i hit adolescence. I am traveling at the moment throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, basically the whole world (I check my e-mail regularly).

I have various opinions on various subjects and wish to share them with other people. My philosiphy on relationships is that to get a perfect fit you must try a variety of different sizes and styles. Some you may not like on the rack , may look better when you try them on. By this I mean that you are not always going to find your perfect mate the instant you start looking for him.

Your lovers are like your clothes, as you grow your style will change at a certain point in your life you will stop growing spirutally, that comes at different points in a person's life. You will either grow into your mate or you may keep growing and have to find a different size to fit your needs.

My point of view is different from any of the other panilist because I am not like any of other panilist. My personality and experiences differs from any of the other panilist and so does my opinion.

A person would care about my answers because I am a regular person just like them and by being a person they can relate to, a person would be willing to value, if not agree with, my opinion.




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