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Honesty Is Best

Well, I'm a 16 year old female. I love to help people with their problems and to give advice to people. I believe that anyone can help someone if they are honest. It is very important for me to be honest with people. If there is no honesty then there's no way to trust.

I've lived in the same town my whole life. It's a little town with few people so everyone knows everyone. It's nice in some ways like its not a big deal if you don't have a car because you can pretty much walk everywhere. I feel I'm very mature for my age. I love to hang with my friends and just talk.

My Friends Are My Family

Since my parents have gotten divorced my friends are basically my family....they are my world! I like the fact that people will come to me for advice and I love giving advice! I like the feeling knowing that I could help someone just by telling them what I think.

I've Been to Hell with Guys

I believe in relationships you need to treat the other how you want to be treated. Honesty is very big in relationships. Myself, I've been through various types of relationships. From the too young to the too weird. I once dated a guy 6 different times. I know I'm not very old but I feel I've been to hell and back with guys.

I have learned a lot from my realationship, especially my last one. I was dating a 19 yr old who lived half an hour from me which made it difficult to see him. We dated for about 2 months before we broke up for several reasons. One big one I think is because we started dating the same night that we met for the very first time. This realationship taught me A LOT!!

Learn from My Mistakes

I feel I'm different in the way that I won't criticize and I will always be honest. I like using my own mistakes to help myself and others learn.




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